City Beneath the Sea

This is the original "City Beneath the Sea Matte" painting used in Irwin Allen in the 1967 NBC Pilot.  You can see the painting starting at one minute into this video:

Irwin Allen was the genius behind some of the best television and movie productions of all time, including Lost in Space, City Beneath the Sea, Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants and many more!

Here is the giant matte painting used by Irwin Allen to promote City Beneath the Sea (pictured above in the title of this page and below) and also used in the movie. This highly detailed painting is 7 feet tall and 8 feet long, and is wired with many different lighting effects in order to produce a realistic picture of the city for filming! This is a VERY exciting piece that also HUNG IN IRWIN ALLEN'S office for many years!


7' x 8' Lighted City Beneath the Sea Matte Painting:


These "miniatures" are screen-used props, and are several feet in size!

Domes, Lighted Cylinder and Triangle Shaped Buildings!

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