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Original 35mm Film Cels!
These original film cels were taken from theatrical prints which were created for when these Disney features were shown in theatres! These are FLAT, which means there is no distortion (like you would see with scope cels)! A lot of folks place these in a transparent frame, and the light from behind the frame shows through to illuminate them. It's a nice effect.

Each are rare, unique, original images! Consider that they were projected onto a giant movie screen, so you know the detail is extraordinary!

You may choose from the following images (each choice is 3 cels) and measures a healthy 2.5" by 1.5"!!!

Pinocchio: Pinocchio
Dumbo: Dumbo
Peter Pan: Peter Pan
Snow White: Snow White with apple
Snow White: Evil Queen giving Snow the apple
Snow White: Snow White with the Prince and Dwarves
Snow White: Snow White with Dopey
Snow White: Snow White with Doves
Snow White: Dancing Dwarves
Snow White: Animals
Snow White: Snow White scared in the forest
Snow White: Grumpy
Snow White: the Evil Queen
Snow White: Grumpy with Doc
Bambi: Thumper and Bambi
Bambi: the Owl
Bambi: Bambi and Flower (the skunk)
Bambi: Bambi
Bambi: Flower
Bambi: the Fire
Bambi: Thumper
Mickey Mouse: As the Sorcerer's Apprentice!

All of these are in MINT condition and look great!

Only $9.95 per choice!
Shipping is $4 within the United States. Make 5 choices for $39.95, make 10 choices for $64.95!
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The Wonderful World of Disney
Trivia Electronic Game *NEW*


This is the electronic version of the classic board game (though more fun)! It is for ages 6 to ADULT, and can be set for one player, two players or teams! This unit is BRAND NEW and still sealed!

Actual pictures of the display taken through the protective plastic packaging.
There are hundreds of pictures (much more clear in person),
large, easy to read text, animation and music!

Game is BRAND NEW, still sealed in the original plastic packaging. Uses 3 "AAA" batteries (included). Game Measures 4" x 6" and has nice sized buttons for big and little hands!

Only $21.95!
Shipping is $7.49 within the United States.
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Giant FANTASIA Disney Mickey Mouse Display FREE SHIPPING

We think this 3 dimensional display is probably from the 1960's but we really don't know! It could be older. Mickey is timeless!

Here is a 3D Fantasia Mickey Mouse holding a magic wand! The detail is extraordinary. It measures a giant 24" x 28" x 2" and has some cracking due to age.

This mouse would look PERFECT in your children's room or with the rest of your Disney collection. In fact, it would look absolutely wonderful anywhere in your house, garage or storage building. It brightens any room and brings Disney magic to the entire house.

Only $149.95!
Insured UPS shipping (within the lower 48 states) is INCLUDED!
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