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Space Shuttle Columbia Memorial Package

You get EVERYTHING pictured here!

First, an actual piece of tile designed for the Space Shuttle Columbia from 1979. This is not a reproduction piece or a "similar" piece of tile. This is genuine tile that was made for Columbia and it includes the documentation to prove it.

Actual Columbia Thermal Tile

You also get the FIRST USA Today printed after the accident (2/3/03). It includes the first look at the accident, NASA probes 'thermal problem,' and has pages of background, pictures and world reaction. It is MINT, never read, and is original. The paper will be shipped folded to 12" x 6" size to fit in the box (please add $3 if you would like it shipped UNFOLDED).

2/3/03 USA Today

Also included is a Space Shuttle pen. This is a great looking pen that features the Shuttle with the fuel tanks still attached!

Next the package includes the STS-107 Official Mission Patch. This was acquired directly from NASA and is IDENTICAL to the patch actually used on the Columbia's last mission.

STS-107 Mission Patch

And we finish off the package with actual Columbia SPACE FLOWN seeds!

These were transported to the LDEF (Long-Duration Exposure Facility) in 1984 on the Shuttle CHALLENGER. They were subsequently brought back down 6 years later on the Shuttle COLUMBIA (1990).

These tomato seeds were planned to be part of an experimental program with NASA partnering with educational and research facilities around the country in order to measure the result of exposure to radiation and weightlessness on these seeds.

This gold foil packet was SEALED by NASA in 1990 to preserve the seeds, and it remains UNOPENED.

These seeds are a RARE, space flown item that were onboard BOTH the Columbia (1984) AND the Challenger (1990).

Columbia Space Flown Seeds

All of this material is documented as authentic and includes a letter from NASA, a Certificate of Authenticity, and a Guarantee/Description of the Columbia Tile!

Documentation Included

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Space Shuttle Challenger
1986 Commemorative Packet

The Challenger explosion of January 28, 1986 was a terrible tragedy. The White House and NASA released this "Commemorative Packet" in 1986 to honor the last flight of the Space Shuttle Challenger and the seven heroic astronauts on board.

You get everything pictured here, in the original sealed envelope.
That means everything is in PERFECT condition!

2 colorful stickers

Letters from Ronald Reagan and Jack Anderson

Three 8 1/2" x 11" color glossy pictures (very clear, very nice) on photographic paper. There is a nice picture of Christa McAuliffe.

4 Page Commemorative Booklet with pictures of the crew and the ship!

"The Challenger Fund" order form

Your 1986 packet will be sent (unopened) in this original envelope!

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Space Shuttle Model Kit 1995 SEALED

This is a "Snap Fit" model kit for the Space Shuttle, made by Lindberg in 1995. It is a 1/200 scale model (which assembles to 17cm long!), with booster rockets, detailed payload bay, operating bay doors, finely engraved detail, full color decals and external fuel tank. The box is MINT and SEALED in the factory shrink-wrap-- it was never opened. Great item for the model/space shuttle fan! Includes decals for ALL shuttles!

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Shipping is $5.95 within the United States!
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