Early in the morning on July 16, 1945, the first atomic bomb blast was detonated at the Trinity Site. The actual explosion produced a blast equivalent to eighteen thousand tons of TNT. The resulting fireball that scorched the desert formed a depressed crater 800 yards in diameter, glazed with a light olive green, glass-like substance where the sand had melted and solidified again. The following excerpt is from Time Magazine, Sept. 17, 1945: “Seen from the air, the crater itself seems (looks like) a lake of green Jade shaped like a splashy star, and set in a sere disc of burnt vegetation half a mile wide. From close up the lake is a glistening encrustation of blue-green glass 2,400 feet in diameter, formed when the molten soil solidified in air.” Chemical tests have confirmed that it is nearly pure melted silica with traces of Olivine, Feldspar, and other minerals which comprise the desert sand.

The crater was buried for security reasons shortly after the explosion -- and it became forbidden to remove any material from the blast site. Also, this was the ONLY location where the material existed (because this is where the blast occurred). In addition, the changing temperatures in the desert destroyed most of the material years ago. For these reasons, Trinitite is difficult to obtain. The samples we are offering were collected in the late 1940's when it was still permissible to remove material from the blast site (and when it still existed).

Each specimen has the light olive green, glass-like, fused top surface, with interesting rounded form. The bottom of each piece exhibits the rough texture of the sandy desert surface, which remained untouched by the blast. While the Trinitite was highly radioactive in 1945 when it was formed, more than fifty years have passed and at the present time, so the radioactivity is virtually zero and it is safe to handle.

This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of American (and WORLD) history!

Several specimens available from $12.95 - $50 (depending on size)!
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